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Kasey Plotkin

Kasey Plotkin

Executive Assistant, PRG*

As an Executive Assistant, Kasey supports the Portfolio Resources Group and is responsible for helping the office on multiple organizational levels. Prior to joining Trinity Hunt Partners, Kasey was a Research Assistant at Eminence Capital where she worked heavily in Compliance, day-to-day trading initiatives, and handled conference coordination. Kasey has many years of experience working as an Executive Assistant in the Private Equity and Hedge Fund Industry in New York City.

Kasey received her Bachelor of Arts from Marist College with a degree in Public Relations and Business. She is a native New Yorker and now lives here in Dallas. She enjoys traveling and baking.

* The Portfolio Resource Group is an affiliate of Trinity Hunt Management, L.P. Members of the Portfolio Resource Group are not employees, or personnel, of Trinity Hunt Management, L.P.