Partnering With Management

The right team to help your business grow.

We are a partner, not a purchaser. This principle starts with offering you a flexible deal structure that suits your needs. Once we close an investment, we want you to do what you do best, while we focus on the areas where we can add value. You and your management team will continue to handle the day-to-day operations while we work at the strategic level and lend our tactical expertise where needed.

We act as an extension of your team and are there when you need us. Pick up the phone and we will help work through the “issue of the day”. If we need to be on the next flight to help solve a problem, then that is what we will do. But we will not constantly look over your shoulder or tell you how to run your business. That is probably why so many management teams we have worked with have chosen to work with us again.

We also create generous equity incentives and performance-based compensation plans for management so that we can collectively share in the fruits of our labor and equity value creation. In addition, a vast majority of our seller partners have reinvested in their businesses alongside Trinity Hunt. As a result, the seller, the management team, and Trinity Hunt all have an alignment of interests and all share in the equity value created during our ownership period.