Approach and Philosophy

Services focused: We seek to partner with exceptional management teams to build world-class companies, with a focus on the business, healthcare, and consumer services sectors. Our portfolio companies are driven by exceptional people who have developed industry-leading cultures. We build relationships and businesses that operate on trust, respect for people, a shared vision and a servant leadership mentality.

Transformational growth: We grow long-term value through an intensive focus on organic revenue and EBITDA growth, not on financial engineering or cost-cutting strategies. Our buy-and-build approach also focuses on growth through add-on acquisitions. We typically establish high-quality M&A functions within our companies using Trinity Hunt’s best practices, network of buyside advisors and committed equity capital. The combination of faster organic growth and select strategic add-on acquisitions transforms the trajectory of our businesses and allows equity value to compound over our investment period.

Collaborative partnerships: When we invest in companies, we see ourselves as new partners, not owners. We view each company as unique and work directly with owners to customize each transaction and value creation plan for the specific needs of the business and its management. We align ourselves with committed management partners and collaborate to make data-driven, consensus-oriented decisions as we deliver the resources necessary to support execution in a responsive, thoughtful, and transparent manner.

Value creation: With over 27 years of experience in partnering with owners to transform services businesses into industry leaders, we work with our portfolio executives to devise Value Creation Plans (VCPs) that seek to achieve excellence in each functional area. Partnering with Trinity Hunt gives our businesses access to an array of vetted strategic and functional experts from our advisory toolkit:

  • M&A support
  • Financial reporting, planning and analysis
  • Operational efficiency and process improvement
  • Marketing and branding
  • Salesforce strategy and effectiveness
  • IT systems
  • Executive recruitment
  • Pricing
  • Website and SEO enhancement
  • Data analysis and business intelligence
  • Procurement
  • Real estate and facility expansion