Jordan Healthcare Holdings Mt. Vernon, Texas

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Sector: Healthcare Services
Fund: Fund III
Status: Realized
Leadership: Roy Serpa, CEO

Jordan Healthcare has made a healthy home lifestyle possible for the elderly throughout Texas since 1975. Jordan provides both skilled and unskilled home health services, including nursing, personal assistance, tele-home care and pediatric care for Medicaid and Medicare recipients, as well as people covered by insurance or private funds. With 12,000 employees, Jordan makes a difference in the health and wellbeing of thousands of individuals every day with carefully designed care programs that meet the needs of patients.

Working with management, Trinity Hunt assisted Jordan in building its senior management team, as well as implementing new software systems to manage nurse staffing, scheduling and reporting. We also led a series of acquisitions on behalf of the Company which, in connection with organic growth, led to 20% profit growth per year. In December of 2010, Jordan Healthcare was successfully exited to a NY-based private equity firm.