Hydro Resources Houston, Texas

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Sector: Industrial Products and Services
Fund: Fund II - Selected Investments
Status: Realized
Leadership: Alton Cherry, CEO

As a leading provider of water well drilling and related services to municipal, commercial and agricultural water users in the Southwest, Hydro Resources’ management offers more than 200 years of combined industry experience in groundwater development. Utilizing expertise, a vast equipment fleet and a skilled workforce, the Company provides complete groundwater systems on a turnkey basis and offers a range of resources and capabilities throughout the South, Southwest, Midwest and Western sections of the United States. The Company’s ability to mobilize a wide range of resources to meet specific project goals is at the core of its success and a benefit to its customers.

We restructured the Company’s management team and developed its strategic plan, as well as arranging new growth financing. This enabled Hydro Resources to expand its service offerings and geographical reach (through three add-on acquisitions) and ultimately grow its profitability more than six-fold over our investment period.