Castlewood Treatment Center St. Louis, Missouri

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Sector: Healthcare Services
Fund: Fund III
Status: Realized
Leadership: Nancy Albus, CEO

Castlewood is a nationally recognized treatment center for eating disorders, with two treatment facilities in the greater St. Louis area. The Company’s centers provide residential treatment in a compassionate, professional environment for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating and binge eating disorders. The Company is located on 20 acres of real estate surrounded by a state park in suburban St. Louis, and provides a continuum of care from acute residential care to day treatment and intensive outpatient therapy. Castlewood incorporates a comprehensive approach to treating eating disorders by helping clients address the underlying causes of their issue, which leads to a deeper and more lasting recovery.

After investing in Castlewood, Trinity Hunt introduced new accounting, revenue cycle management and medical records systems, and assisted management with other foundation improvements such as staffing upgrades and strategy development. In January 2010, Castlewood acquired a second location, a former residence near the first facility that sits on 50 acres of forested land. Now in a position to pursue growth, Castlewood has grown its profitability three-fold since our investment.