Creative Financial SolutionsNational Default Exchange (NDEx)

A leading provider of default management services to mortgage servicers, National Default Exchange (NDEx) is headquartered in Dallas. The Company’s services include default processing, bankruptcy case management, title, conveyance/closing, litigation and more.

Trinity Hunt’s investment in NDEx is a model example for partnering with company owners to develop creative solutions to accomplish its objectives. Starting with a law firm’s non-legal employees and assets, NDEx evolved into a new processing company, which could be monetized and grown by the original founders with Trinity Hunt as its minority partner.

Working together, Trinity Hunt and management solidified the Company’s foundation by investing heavily in IT platforms, enhancing management reporting systems, and creating attractive incentive plans for its employees. Thereafter, the Company grew by expanding organically with its existing customers into other states, including California, Georgia and Arizona. During our investment period, Trinity Hunt and management saw enterprise value triple over several years, before the business was sold to a strategic buyer.

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